Colour Consultations

With vision as our most dominant sense, it’s no wonder colour is so important in designing our homes and workplaces. With a colour consultation, we can help reduce the stress related to selecting colours and making your spaces feel cohesive.

Have you ever admired the colour scheme of homes and thought you would like to recreate it in your own home? But you don’t know how to pull it all together?

Have you painted walls and then immediately regretted it? Is it different to the colour you thought it would be?

Or have you purchased furniture separately, only to get it home and find it doesn’t work together?

Do you lack the confidence to select colours for accessories that will work together?

It’s frustrating right?

This is when a colour consultation could help.


As a colour consultant I specialise in using colour to create a mood or feeling in a space. Using combinations of colours can be a complex challenge. But I can help you create the look and mood you’re after by utilising the science of colours.

Most  people don’t realise that colours change depending on several factors:

  1. The light – If it’s a bright space that gets a lot of natural light, it will appear lighter in colour. If it’s a dark room, with a small window that doesn’t get a lot of natural light, then the colour will appear darker
  2. Surrounding colours – Depending on the other colours of walls and furniture the colour will reflect off other surfaces
  3. The gloss level of the surface – High gloss will reflect light, and matt surfaces will absorb the light
  4. The texture of the item – If a wall is textured the colour will have shadows and will appear darker

Need help with more than just selecting colours?  A design consultation might be the way to go, as we offer interior design skills as well .

Frequently Asked Question's

The average consultation generally takes 1-2 hours. But will depend on the size and design of your home, and what you need help with.

Absolutely! I can meet you at your home, or your place of work.

In fact, if we are working on your current home, the best place to meet is there. It allows us to see the space and how much light it gets.  We also see what your home looks like to get a better sense of what you’re hoping to achieve.

Our designer has interior design qualifications from The Interior Design Institute. An Internationally recognised Interior design School.

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