Not everyone has money to redecorate every season and stay up to date with the current trends. But there are ways you can decorate on a budget and not break the bank!

If the budget is small and you have to decorate on a budget, but you still want that expensive-looking interior, you need to get creative. There are ways to get a luxe feel for a fraction of the cost of buying everything brand new. Here are my tips on how to decorate on a budget without compromising on the luxury look.

Look at auction sites or op shops

nd goods. Sometimes people are getting rid of items because they have to move for a job, or they bought a new house and their furniture doesn’t fit. You can get some great furniture super cheap… and don’t be afraid to bargain with them!

Gumtree sale website

You’ll be surprised what people are getting rid of. Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace are a great place to find great quality second-ha

Facebook Marketplace

Take your time

Is there really a rush? You will always pay full price if you have to have the latest and greatest right now! But I can assure you, things stay on-trend long enough for you to wait for a sale. Or better yet, get online and look at the online stores rather than just browsing the bricks and mortar stores in your area. You may end up paying to ship the goods, but quite often, you can get a similar looking product for a fraction of the price.

Replace one piece at a time

If you buy everything from the same catalogue it often ends up looking lifeless and cold. Pick and choose the key pieces you want and try to tie it in with what you already have to give it a more lived-in and unique feeling. Put your personality into a space and people will feel more comfortable when they enter the space.

Move furniture around 

Sometimes you can get a whole new look in your home if you just move the furniture into different places. Get online and browse Pinterest for similarly shaped rooms to yours. Then take note of where they have the furniture placed in the room. Do you have an opportunity to move your furniture to make the room feel cosier, or have better flow? Researching Feng Shui can also help with the energy in a room. Knowing how to position furniture will give you options you may not have thought of before.

Floor plan layoutI always draw up a scaled floor plan and then create little cut out models of the furniture. Then I have fun moving the furniture to different positions on the plan to see where it will work best.

Re-use/upcycle what you have or buy something second hand to refurbish 

If you love an old dresser that you already have but it’s looking a little tired, why not give it a lick of paint. Replace the handles or knobs at the same time, and you’ve got a new piece of furniture. Don’t limit yourself to just painting something. Are your dining chairs or lounge just looking a little tired? Why not look into getting them re-upholstered. This will give you the look of a whole new piece of furniture, and you’re not adding to the massive waste problem we already have.

Re-upholsterd armchairs

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Do a cleanout of what you currently have

By cleaning out and decluttering, you will give your room a feeling of space. Plus, you may not need to buy much to get the look you’re after once you’ve cleared the space. Now that you know what you want to get rid of, and what you want to keep, determine what you can sell to help fund the new items you want. Have you got an old coffee table or sofa that you just don’t love anymore? Think about giving it a clean and putting it on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace for sale. Even if you get a couple of hundred dollars, it’s going to be better than throwing it out on the street at the next council collection.

I am a huge advocate for recycle, re-use and repurposing items at home. We are living in a throw-away society where we buy things to use once or twice and then it gets thrown in the bin. This adds to landfill waste and is terrible for our environment. So do your bit and think about how you dispose of all those unwanted things you no longer need.

Add plants to your room

I love indoor plants, and there are some that you just can’t kill. They add character and bring the outdoors in.

Peace Lily Zanzibar Gem & Devils IvyThey are also great for filtering the air you breath giving you a better quality of life. The Zanzibar Gem is awesome, as you only have to water them once a month (or once every 2 months), another of my favourites is the Devil’s Ivy, along with the Peace Lily. You don’t have to buy fully grown ones either, get them when they are small as they will be cheaper, and nurture them into larger plants. Repotting is easy to do as they grow out of their smaller pots.



Finally, my favourite way to makeover a space is to paint! It’s hands down the cheapest and easiest way to transform a space into something completely different. And if you don’t feel confident with picking a colour, engage a local colour consultant or interior designer to help you pick the right colour.

Before and after painting roomTrust me, it makes a world of difference to get professional help, as you don’t want to spend money on paint, and then have to do it a second time!

If you’re looking for ways to redesign your space and you need a little help from an expert. We have really affordable packages starting at as little as $200.  We can help you source the perfect pieces for your home; help with colour schemes; and assist with where to place the furniture for maximum appeal. Give us a call today to discuss your next project.

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