Do you love Art but think it’s too expensive to get great looking pieces? I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to spend a fortune to fill your walls with art. With my budget friendly ideas, you’ll have your walls filled with art in no time!

There is something about having pictures on the walls of your home that gives the home that finished look. It is a way to dress up your home, show a piece of your personality and have a bit of fun without making any drastic changes to the house itself.


When planning your art, think about the impact you want it to have. Are you going to have one really large piece that is the hero? Or do you want it to be a little more classic, and hang 2 or 3 in a series? Think about what your overall look will be. Using a number of prints and matching frames across the one wall can break up a large space, rather than having one large piece . It also means you can get off-the-shelf frames , rather than having to custom frame one large picture, which will be much more affordable!

Just remember to get 2 pictures that use the same colours or match in some way. Otherwise it will feel unbalanced and unplanned.

Photo by ¶Project Atlas from Pexels

bed with cushions and 2 pictures hung on the wall

Where to source your affordable art

Choosing where to purchase your art and what to have on the walls can be difficult. If you want an original painting by a local or well-known artist, it can be pretty pricy. This is often an option that many can’t afford – especially if you want to purchase multiple items.

Thankfully, there are a number of great choices nowadays when it comes to purchasing digital prints that won’t break the bank. These can be prints that were originally painted or drawn and then digital copies are made. Or they could be digitally created through computer programs. We have put together a quick guide for where to buy affordable digital art for your home and how to make them work for you.

Free pictures online

Another option is to utilise the free photos that are available on the many websites where photographers allow you to use the photos royalty free! I love using these sites, because it’s then just the cost of printing.

Alternatively, for a small monthly fee you can also get access to more pictures on:

Quite often these sites will have the first month free, and you can cancel any time. This means you can get the photos you want the first month, and then cancel before you have to pay. You will get access a wider range and better quality of pictures on these sites, so it’s worthwhile checking out.

Etsy – Affordable Original art

a screenshot of the Etsy website


If you haven’t been on Etsy – where have you been! Etsy is an online marketplace where you can purchase handcrafted and design items, as well as digital downloads and artwork. There are hundreds if not thousands of sellers on Etsy that sell digital prints. The great thing about purchasing a digital print is that you don’t need to wait for it to arrive! There are also no postage costs. You are simply emailed a link to download your print and then you can print it at your nearest printer or Officeworks. And you can print as many copies as you like, providing you’re not going to on-sell them.  Make sure you purchase a print in a high resolution so that you can choose the perfect size. Especially if you may have a huge wall that needs something really big.

I have purchased items from Etsy from as little as $10, so it’s a great way to source affordable art that will be different to what others are buying in the stores. It also supports up and coming artists, and I love supporting those who are doing what they love.



4 posters

There are also a number of great online stores where you can purchase posters that can be hung on the walls. Our favourites include:

You can find all sorts of vintage, retro, art deco, art nouveau, or modern posters that will breathe life into your walls. I love the old art nouveau posters by Alphonse Mucha, as well as the French inspired ones. But you could spend countless hours trying to find the one that best suits your home and your personality! It’s like when you first discovered Pinterest and got sucked into the vortex of pinning! I’m sure I’m not alone in that am I?

Looking for something a bit different?

If you are not looking for something the same as everyone else and want to create a feature that really stands out and has people talking when they see it – then we have the idea for you!

Arming your children with cardboard and paints and letting them create their own little masterpiece is a lovely way to not only showcase their art but also to create something a little bit different for your walls.

kids artwork framed on the wall

Once the artwork is dry, choose a suitable frame and have the art hung up on the walls. Make sure you also date the artwork and which child created it so that you can always look back on it and know how old they were.

We have several of our son’s artworks from when he was in daycare, and he’s really proud to have them on show.

Where to get it printed

I usually have my digital art printed as a poster at Officeworks. You can do it from the comfort of your home, and it’s ready the next day for collection if you live near a store. Otherwise, they can post it out to you for a small fee.

I select the Colour Poster option from the print & copy shop on their website

I then select the 200gsm satin paper. This gives it a soft and smooth look and feel. It’s great for framing, and for an A2 size print it’s only $20.

They can print posters up to size B0 – which is 1m x 1.4m so it should cover most of your art printing needs.

Framing it

Now that you’ve selected your art and printed it, it’s time to frame it and get it on the wall. The reason digital prints are becoming so popular is that you can print them in any size you like and then choose a frame that best suits the décor of your room. You are not limited to a few basic colours like you are on many of the art sites.

There are plenty of places to purchase frames, including Kmart, IKEA, Officeworks, and your local photography or framing shop. I often use Frame Today, which has a selection of off the shelf frames up to about A1 size. Choose a frame that matches the colours in the room where it will be hung and a style that appeals to you.

Here are some examples of artwork I have created myself from free pictures online, using Kmart frames. These cost me no more than $40! the ones on the bottom row are all A1 size frames (59.4cm x 84.1cm).

Artwork is a really great way to create a homely, lived-in feeling for your home.  It finishes a room and  gives it a personality. There are literally thousands of designs available online to choose from. So, get online and you are sure to find something that is perfect.

Remember, choose pieces that speak to you and show a piece of who you are. Have fun with your decorating and making your house a home.

And if you need help sourcing art, or get ideas on what might work in your home book a consultation today!





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